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Your home for safer living.


Serving NC's greater Triangle region

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You are constantly changing.   

Your home isn't. 

Let's work together to ensure your home continues meeting your needs.

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1 in 4 adults over 65 will fall this year.

60% of falls occur at home.

Assisted living facilities cost $4,800 per month.

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They came in like sleuths, identifying everything that could put my physical wellbeing at risk.  


When they were finished with their evaluation, I had a written detailed plan, easy to implement, to modify my home so it would support my physical safety and well-being.

-Sandy R.



As a realtor, I thought I had developed a good eye for what makes a home safely livable.


Modify's observations and recommendations, during the visit and in their bound report, represented a collaborative effort.  

One way of viewing this is that the Modify team has helped

'sell us our own house.'

-Peter R.


Having had polio at the age of 13 months, I've had a lot of experience adapting my environment to accommodate my limitations.  

They went through my house with me...[and] were so gracious and so thorough, but not at all judgmental. 

I learned a lot from them, and I think anyone who wants to "age in place" would benefit from their expertise.

-Barbara H.


When the Modify team visited, we walked through room after room and they pointed out seemingly minor but actually really important changes that would make my home safer. 


That was a really joyful experience because every detail they proposed made so much sense and made me feel again in control.

-Barbara W.

Holding Hands

We have a passion to help others.


Chief Executive Officer

Alicia Turner, PT


Chief Clinical Officer

Jannette Reynolds, PT

Meet our leadership!


Our team is comprised of licensed physical and occupational therapists with expertise in home modifications.

We created Modify to bring our skills outside of the clinic and into your home, working with you in your space.  

Our goal at Modify is to

educate, empower, and equip

you to live and work more safely.

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