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Have you been diagnosed with arthritis?

Have you noticed more difficulty doing your daily tasks due to pain?

Are you having a hip replacement, a knee replacement, or other major surgery?

Do you feel skeptical about having the surgery due to lack of confidence on how you would function at home?

Would you prefer recovering after your 3 day post op hospital stay at your home, or as an inpatient in an extended care facility?


"I'm going to have a surgery that will change the way that I function within my home."

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Total Hip or Knee Replacements have become one of the most dramatic and cost effective ways to improve the quality of life for patients.


The Baby Boomer Generation is unwilling to accept limitations.


Most individuals can make simple changes in their homes that allow them to function safely after surgery.  By making adjustments to your primary living zone and learning about available rental equipment, you can feel confident and prepared about safely recovering at home.


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