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Are you feeling vulnerable and unsure of navigating in your home the way it is currently set up?


Do you need assistance in making simple changes within your home to allow safer, more efficient function? 


As your health needs change, your environment needs to change. 


We understand your desire to remain living in your home as long as possible, so let us come and make sure your setup is the best for your current needs.

Doctor's Visit

"I'm receiving palliative care and need to have my home assessed."

Senior couple hugging

We want to see how you live within your home, understand your goals, and create the best environment for you. 


We will focus on the rooms you use the most, the areas you go through most often, and work with you to make your home accessible, user-friendly, and safe.


Our changes are small and simple, but can have a huge impact.  We want to help you conserve energy and prolong your independence.


Contact Modify today to find out more!

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