Are you wanting to remain in your beloved home as you age?

Are you feeling unsure with how your home will meet your needs as you age? 

Have you seen friends move into assisted living facilities?

Are you having difficulty with the setup in your home?


There is help available! 

The team at Modify, LLC will work with you to address safety concerns and make a plan for the future.


For many people, this decision is made for them.  By an injury or circumstances beyond their control.  


We want you to make this decision.  


Become empowered.  Become educated.  Become prepared.

Old Couple

"I've been retired and want to continue living safely in my home for as long as possible."

Modern Senior Woman

Do any of the items below sound familiar?  If you answer “yes” to one or more of these, you could benefit from a Modify HomeZone Safety Assessment!


  1. I have fallen in the past year or fear falling.

  2. I get frustrated sometimes with the way my home is setup.

  3. I may need surgery in the future that would affect my function.

  4. I live alone and would like to stay as long as possible in my home.

  5. I can tell my balance isn’t what it used to be and my confidence has decreased.

  6. I find myself using less and less of my home space.

  7. I find it tough to get in/out of the house to the garage.

  8. I can’t fully use my kitchen.

  9. I question my ability to get around my home safely at night.

  10.  I’m in a transitional period and trying to decide how much longer I should remain in my home.


We can help!  We will look at over 400 items within your home, develop a custom, detailed plan with clear recommendations and resources, and will provide a screening tool to determine your personal risk of falling.


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