Pre-Operative Home Setup

Are you considering surgery?  Do you have a planned procedure such as a total hip replacement, total knee replacement, or shoulder rotator cuff repair?  

After surgery, there is a critical period of repair, rest, and restricted abilities.  


With the way your home is currently set up, do you fear that you may need to go to a rehab facility or extended care facility after surgery?

 Would you prefer to recover in your comfortable, familiar home?

Our Goals:

  • Make recommendations to your current home to allow you to come home more prepared and confident when discharged from the hospital 

  • Establish an ideal healing station in your home 


Our Assessment Includes:

  • A focus on areas where you rest and recover, and setting up locations where you sleep and sit

  • Ensure accessibility and safety to use restroom, get your food, and get dressed

  • Plan for safe pathways through the areas of the home you will be using 

  • Discuss need for assistive devices, equipment to allow you to manage independently 

  • Provide a system to track and ensure you are taking medications prescribed, using ice, and measuring fluid intake

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