As you undergo chemotherapy and/or radiation, we understand that your energy is much lower, and tasks that were previously very simple have become more difficult. 


This is a vulnerable time, and you want to have extra safety measures in place to protect yourself. 


During this temporary season, let us come in and help you with your home setup. 


We make recommendations for small changes that can have a huge impact. 


Simple changes include improving lighting, rearranging areas so family or care providers have space to work, removing trip hazards, and providing assistive items to make your day to day easier.  

New Growth

"I'm undergoing cancer treatment and have some concerns in my home."


We want to watch how you live within your home, proactively identifying safety concerns, and working with you to improve your ease of getting around and performing your everyday tasks. 


We can view your home with a fresh perspective, getting a feel for your "prime real estate," and helping you create the safest, most efficient environment possible for you during this time.


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