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Your home for safer living.

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You are dynamic-- constantly changing.  Your goals, abilities, needs, and dreams are different than they were ten years ago.

Your home is static,

staying the same over time.

Has anyone ever looked at you and how you function within your home?

The best time to address home safety is before you fall and lose your independence.

Let the team at Modify help you remain in your beloved home.


Make the proactive choice for your future.

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At Modify, we collaborate with you, making small changes that will have a big impact on your safety.

We look at over 400 items in our assessments, thoroughly understanding your home, and how you move and live within it.

We provide comprehensive, personalized assessments of you in your space and work with you to create safe, cost-effective solutions. 

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It's time to make your home safer!

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The most likely place that you will fall is in your home.

We know that you want to keep living in your comfortable, familiar home that you have thoughtfully set up.

Your familiarity with your home does not mean that your home is safe.



To create safer homes, prevent injuries, and empower the

aging adult.

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Skilled nursing facilities cost $300/day.  


A broken ankle or hip could lead to a long, costly stay.​

Don't let a fall take your independence-- let our team work with you to identify risks before they become a problem.

Working with us means that you will have systems and tools in place that would allow you to come home sooner.

Don't wait.  Read what our past clients have to say!

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"When my mother was my age, she had already been living in a nursing home for many years.  I did not want that same scenario for myself.  Now in my 85th year of life, I hired Jannette and Alicia to modify my home to address my current limitations and possible future ones, so I could live independently in my home, that I love, for the rest of my days.  


They came in like sleuths, identifying everything that could put my physical wellbeing at risk.  When they were finished with their evaluation, not only did I receive an education on how to become more cautious and take care of myself but now I had a written detailed plan, easy to implement, to modify my home so it would support my physical safety and well-being.


 I found Jannette and Alicia to be a caring team concerned about families thinking they had no other choice than to move their loved ones into an assisted living facility for their safety and their own peace of mind.  Modifying my home was the best decision I could have made, and I am so grateful that my family will never have to make that choice for me."


-Sandy R.




Alicia Turner, PT, DPT


Jannette Reynolds, PT

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We have a passion to help others.

We have 45 years of combined experience helping people prevent and recover from injuries. 

We created Modify to bring our skills outside of the clinic and into your home, working with you in your space.  Let us help you maximize the potential of your home, so that it is the safest place for you to be!


Our goal at Modify is to

educate, empower, and equip

you to live and work more safely.

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Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury in adults 65 and over.

1 in 4 Americans over 65 fall each year.

Assisted living facilities cost $3,500-$11,000

per month

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We can help you age in place!

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